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The Other. way.

An agency’s focus should be on doing the most for clients, not getting the most from clients. The Other. Way is about principles, people, and methodology. We join your team and extend your performance marketing capabilities with data-led media planning, exceptional in-platform expertise, and a proven performance creative playbook. We help you decide what should be done. Then we help you do it.

Transparent &

Some agencies put on a performance. Other. delivers clear ROI and powerful performance against your business and marketing goals. We don’t keep secrets from our clients or our team. We work on a retainer + performance model because media commissions reward the wrong behaviours. We refuse agency media buying incentives for the same reason.

Strategic &

The proven performance strategies, playbooks, tools, and methodologies that fuel Other. are codified into athena™, the Other. operating system. Everyone at Other. — from the founders to the newest member of the team — have access to the tools and knowledge to drive repeatable, predictable success for our clients.

& Engaged

Everyone at Other. acts like an owner, in our business and in yours. Acting like an owner means being invested in outcomes and always playing offence. We invest in people and provide a clear, structured career growth path linked to your success – so the people you work with are motivated to deliver results. We foster a flexible environment that empowers people to do work they’re proud of.


Reach your full
performance potential.

Other. focuses on your business and your goals. We don’t get knocked off course, and we make sure you don’t either.

With the ability to bring all the pieces together, we provide sound advice to our clients based on a deep understanding of their business, industry, and business model. We advise them of where they need to get to – and then we activate our resources to get them there.
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We build and execute thorough, data-led, multi-channel media plans that are built to yield the most out of your media investment and drive clear performance against your business goals. We don’t hold ad inventory or accept media rebates. Just unbiased plans that perform.
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With significant technical acumen, we offer hands-on, in-platform performance media management across paid search, paid social, and programmatic that drives clear results against your business objectives. Powered by our constantly updated proprietary methodology and honed over $200M+ in high-performing ad spend. This is the backbone of performance.
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Creative has never been more important to performance. We deliver high-performing creative that runs through our proven creative-testing framework and brings your brand to life online and offline. We constantly test new and innovative approaches and platforms to drive powerful results.
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By the numbers.


Average year-on-year revenue growth
for Other.™ eCommerce clients


Average year-on-year KPI growth
for clients in the first 12 months


Improvement on ad efficiency in the
first three months for new clients

Raising the bar

Other. is founded on quality, transparency, and accountability – because too few agencies are.
We uphold these standards in our own organization and with our partners through a set of guiding principles.


play offense.

Sitting still is falling behind. We prefer to be proactive.

We know what works, and that what works is ever-changing.

We try harder. We ask tough questions, we push and we strive.

Focus on things that make

business impact.

We don’t lean on proxy metrics.

We identify what business outcome we need to achieve and we work to deliver. 


Do the easy

right thing.

There’s no shortcutting trust.

Accountability is part of our character. We value long-term relationships built on results.

We do what’s right, especially when what’s right is not what’s easy.

Dig deep but

be clear.

We’re data, design, and performance experts.

We dig deep into the data to uncover the story it tells.

We put our insights into perspective relative to your business objectives.


over opinions.

Friendly friction between informed opinions leads to better outcomes.

If it’s a good idea, it doesn’t matter who presents it.

If it distracts from the goal, it’s not the right idea for right now.

Have conviction,

but keep it light.

We take performance seriously but we never forget to enjoy what we do.

We know that every marketing paradigm was once a bold new idea.

We always save space for creativity and testing smart new ideas.

We work for
with you.

The Other. team becomes a part of your team. We think like business owners and are invested in your growth and success.