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Other. x GoBolt


Diversified, sustainable
& scalable performance marketing.


Capital Raised
Other. was responsible for launching the Second Closet brand across Canada. The success of the launch led to a significant growth in fundraising.


of Recurring Customers
The launch and sustained performance program led to rapid customer acquisition and a declining and ultimately profitable CAC.


B2B Monthly MQL’s
After a significant business pivot into logistics, a B2B program was successfully launched and scaled to drive qualified leads for the sales team.

The story

Scalable, sustainable growth strategy writes a Canadian start-up success story.
Second Closet is a Canadian start-up success story that saw an opportunity in the $4B+ Canadian self-storage market. By taking a tech-first approach to customer experience, operations, and marketing. 

With the Other. growth and performance marketing playbook and creative strategies fuelling early success, Second Closet trusted us to quickly ramp their B2B lead generation program, a vital component of its pivot to become GoBolt.

The goal

Launch a new brand and business with rapid scale.
GoBolt raised funding with a clear opportunity and ambitious growth goals. Other. laid the strong performance foundation GoBolt needed with low-funnel acquisition channels in generic and competitive paid search before diversifying the media mix with high-performing creative across digital and other media.

What we implemented


Meta (Facebook + Instagram) were working for GoBolt but reliance on a single growth channel puts growth in someone else’s hands. Other. de-risked the mix, building the diversified multimedia go-to-market strategy including search, social, content, programmatic video, display and more. With a performance “engine” built on foundational marketing principles of reach and frequency in place, GoBolt saw a rapid and sustained spike across key KPIs including brand awareness and interest, engagement, and conversion.


Next, we worked with the leadership team to scale in new channels and markets. Our strategic out-of-home program captured mindshare, and with the high-performance mid- and lower-funnel foundation in place, turned that mindshare into 70+ MQIs per week, and 10s of thousands of high LTV customers.


With GoBolt the market leader in valet self storage across Canada, Other. continued refining the strategy to drive CAC ever lower. With the rapid growth of eCommerce and their logistic network continuing to expand, Other. built the B2B performance marketing strategy to help Bolt Logistics capture market share in a new line of business. Other. performance methodologies allowed us to lay the foundation for and launch a simple, effective lead-generation program in less than a month. With ongoing refinement, that program continues to scale and drive leads with very favourable economics.