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Diversified, sustainable
& scalable growth.


Revenue Growth
Over our 5 years of working together, DR-HO’S has seen more than 10X growth in revenue generated from eCommerce.


Profitable Channels
Starting with just search & social, DR-HO’S is now active 365 days a year across more than 15 profitable digital revenue channels.


Annual Amazon Rev.
The most impressive part of revenue and ROAS growth? It was done with 50% less budget than the year prior.

The story

Pain relief goes online.
DR-HO’S is widely known as one of Canada’s most performance-driven television advertisers. For over 30 years, they’ve brought substantial rigour to television, expanding globally and frequently launching new products.

With cord-cutting on the rise and linear television consumption being challenged, we applied our methodology over several years and continue to see predictable, sustainable, and profitable growth through digital.

The goal

With direct-response television in decline, DR-HO’S needed a digital transformation to rapidly open up new opportunities.
As the Canadian and US media landscape changed, DR-HO’S focused on ensuring maximized revenue and overall opportunity from their digital channels. They engaged us to manage the growth of their entire digital business on both their D2C eCommerce site and Amazon. This included taking over performance channels like affiliate, paid social, paid search, programmatic, and Amazon advertising. In addition, we were also tasked with taking over email, SMS, content, and other growth initiatives.

What we implemented


The business needed a digital marketing foundation that would allow it to maximize the revenue generated from all marketing channels. The basic channels were in market, but the spend wasn’t yielding what it should have been. We oversaw a new website build, launched on Amazon, and refined all online assets to be clear, concise, and digital-first.


From there, we reinvented the core marketing operation by rebuilding the search marketing program, launching in paid social, expanding into affiliates, and building a content strategy that allowed rapid expansion of the digital footprint.


DR-HO’S is now a leading Canadian brand in the digital space. Their absolute and proportionate revenues have grown substantially through digital, and they are now innovating through advanced media attribution, creative testing, and digital media execution.