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Other. x Reliance Home Comfort

Reinvigorating performance through a paid search overhaul.


Increase in Generic Lead Volume
Our set of actions led to a significant increase in leads from generic queries, a primary area of focus.


Reduction in Generic Cost Per Lead
The efficiency gained from implementing our methodology helped to not only improve volume but also efficiency.


In branded leads with 55% Less Spend.
Through structural changes and deep strategic shifts, we were able to drive more branded leads on less spend.

The story

Reliance Home Comfort, Canada’s leading home services provider, faced a pressing challenge – a performance plateau that was hindering growth. As the go-to choice for Canadians seeking home heating, cooling, plumbing and other solutions, Reliance Home Comfort sought a strategic partnership with Other. to overcome this plateau by working with our Performance Media Activation team, first on paid search initiatives and then expanding our partnership to all digital channels.

The goal

Our primary objectives were twofold: first, to significantly increase the number of leads generated through performance marketing efforts, and second, to achieve efficiency gains by reducing the cost per lead (CPL). These objectives guided our strategic approach, which prioritized transparency in reporting, more rigour, better segmentation, localized messaging, and innovation to deliver measurable results for Reliance Home Comfort.

What we discovered & implemented

Audit: Dated Automation Framework and Reporting Gaps

During the audit phase, we uncovered and addressed critical issues, including reducing a dependency on dated automation frameworks, implementing more transparent reporting that was better linked to business-results, and optimizing keyword segmentation with a focus on refined geographic targeting to drive better performance in key markets.

Application: Layering in Our Methdology

We then applied our strategic methodology, including localized ad copy to engage users on a local level, integrating AI-powered call tracking technology allowing us to optimize to booked appointments, and developing a custom tool for precise budget management, allowing for rapid reallocation based on performance.

Innovation: Driving Channel Growth

In the innovation phase, we introduced Smart Bidding (AI) for enhanced efficiency and increased lead volume. Furthermore, we adopted a responsive approach to weather patterns for adaptability and embarked on an account restructuring effort to optimize targeting precision and efficiency – allowing us to squeeze more yield from every media dollar.