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Other. x InVintory

Accelerating app installs and customer growth for a luxury SaaS company.


High quality app downloads
Our campaigns generated rapid app downloads with a conservative spend, generating users with a low-churn.


Reduction in Cost Per Install
Running and optimizing a cross-channel campaign, we were able to reduce the cost-per-install in order to scale performance.


ROAS with $500k in ARR
The campaigns not only translated into a profitable CAC – but led to a significant contribution to ARR downstream.

The background

InVintory, a front-runner in the realm of cellar management applications, was poised for a pivotal phase of expansion. With a keen focus on accelerating app installations and user acquisition, they aimed to lay a strong foundation for the successful launch of their upcoming paid product offerings. To achieve this, InVintory formed a strategic partnership with Other., entrusting them with the leadership of paid media initiatives and the development of high-performance creative strategies. This collaboration was envisioned as a catalyst for InVintory’s ambitious growth objectives.

The goal

InVintory, entering the market as a new yet well-capitalized entity, set its sights on deploying a highly focused paid media strategy. The primary goal was twofold: to foster immediate user growth and to acquire high-quality users who would be instrumental in making a substantial contribution to the company’s Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). This strategic objective was designed to establish InVintory as a formidable player in the market, ensuring a strong and sustainable impact from the outset.

What we implemented

Performance Creative

We meticulously redefined InVintory’s brand assets, transforming them into captivating campaign visuals. These visuals were not only seamlessly aligned with the app’s luxury audience, but were also strategically designed to prioritize high performance. This approach resulted in a visually cohesive and highly effective marketing campaign that resonated with our target audience

Performance Media Launch

Our team skillfully orchestrated a strategic media campaign, employing a multi-platform approach for maximum impact. We utilized Meta to heighten user awareness, capitalizing on its extensive network. Additionally, we leveraged the powerful reach of Apple App Store ads and Google’s Universal App Campaigns (UAC), ensuring both a broader audience reach and increased efficiency. This comprehensive strategy was pivotal in amplifying our campaign’s visibility and effectiveness

Methodical Optimization

We implemented our robust performance methodology, incorporating extensive creative testing to enhance both install rates and overall efficiency. In partnership with InVintory, we engaged in meticulous data analysis, strategically focusing on the acquisition of high-quality users. This targeted approach played a crucial role in significantly boosting the Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), demonstrating the effectiveness of our precision-driven strategy