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Other. x AutoTrader

Maximizing return on media investment for Canada’s largest automotive marketplace.


Increase in Lead Volume
With improved traffic and strong efforts by the AutoTrader product team, our always-on program drove significant lead growth.


Improvement in Traffic
By continuously focusing on getting the most from each paid dollar through methodical optimization.


Reduction in Spend
More results, less spend even with 5%-8% annual media inflation and intensifying competition.

The brief

AutoTrader.ca, Canada’s largest automotive marketplace, partnered with Other. to overhaul their in-house paid search and digital media program, counter new market entrants, and hit ambitious business targets.

The goal

AutoTrader.ca aimed to sustainably increase both leads and traffic, enhancing their customer base and market presence, while maintaining their dominant market share in Canada’s competitive automotive sector.

What we discovered & implemented

Modernization of Strategy

We transitioned AutoTrader.ca’s digital approach from legacy tactics to modern best practices, unlocking new opportunities for growth and efficiency.

Strategic & Tactical Innovation

We leveraged cutting-edge ad platform opportunities like Performance Max and Automotive Inventory Ads to explore new markets and opportunities to scale.

Data and Technology Optimization

We introduced advanced feed management and data-driven processes to counteract rising traffic costs in the market and outperform the competition.