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Other. x Henry’s Camera


Diversified, sustainable
& scalable growth.


Within the first 6 months of launch, and without generating any net new creative assets, the paid social program consistently delivered in excess of an 11X ROAS


eCommerce Revenue Growth
After taking over key digital marketing channels, eCommerce revenue doubled in just a single year.


Reduction in Ad Spend
The most impressive part of revenue and ROAS growth? It was done with 50% less budget than the year prior.

The story

We helped to identify and unlock digital marketing opportunities for Canada’s Greatest Camera Store.
With a brick-and-mortar presence stretching from Halifax to Vancouver, Henry’s has been the most trusted retailer in the Canadian camera market for over 100 years. As their product mix evolves and new digital-first audiences emerge as opportunities for growth, they were looking for a digital partner that could help them rapidly improve digital media performance, reach new audiences, and create a sustainable, predictable source of online revenue and profitability.

The goal

Rapidly drive eCommerce growth and begin diversifying audiences and revenue channels.
With a finite budget, we needed to find and unlock opportunity that already existed within Henry’s digital marketing program and get more out of their existing spend and assets. At the same time, we needed to open a revenue channel from new creator audiences that will become an important part of the future of Henry’s marketing program.

What we implemented


We opened new, always-on, profit-generating channels by tapping into the untapped potential of paid social. With our existing assets, we launched a successful program in under a month, yielding immediate results.


We assessed investment priorities for growth and made a bold decision to reduce branded search marketing in favor of generic. This unconventional approach allowed us to focus on the bigger picture and the results proved its effectiveness.


We are seizing new growth opportunities by embracing the creator economy. Through diversification, innovation, and precise measurement, we are shaping the future of Henry’s marketing program.